Achie Atienza
Achie Atienza

Job Title / Jabatan : Peering, Interconnection & Strategy - IP Ecosystem Globe Telecom

Biography / Riwayat Hidup :
Vincet Atienza or more commonly known as "Achie", is the Chair of the Philippine Network Operators Group (PhNOG). He voluntarily leads this group and is instrumental in establishing the collaborative and open environment within the Ph Internet community that we have today. He is also part of the Board of Trustee of the Internet Society Philippine Chapter (ISOC-Ph) and is actively part of the Global drive for community interaction focussed on Network Operations. Most recently, he has been elected part of the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre - Executive Council (APNIC-EC), the first and only Filipino to be part of the Executive Board. Profession-wise, he is lead and handles Peering, Interconnection & Strategy for Globe Telecom’s IP Ecosystem

With these multiple roles, he represents Ph in Global Internet conferences and contributes as both resource speaker and Program Committee member. He is also one of the drivers in bringing APRICOT in Manila which was held as an online event last 2021 and hopefully face to face this coming 2023.

Presentation Title / Judul Presentasi : Peering Perspectives

Presentation Synopsis / Ringkasan Presentasi :
Peering is an essential part of the Internet Ecosystem. Though there are acceptable best practices, there are different considerations as well.  This presentation provides insights and perspectives influencing peering engagements in the Philippines, which may be applicable in other economies as well.