Network Security & Defence Workshop by APNIC
Pengajar : Affan Basalamah (Community Trainer)
Dave Phelan (Senior Network Analyst / Technical Trainer)
Tanggal : 22 - 24 Juli 2024
Lokasi : ASTON Kartika Grogol Hotel & Conference Map
Harga : Rp 4.500.000,- (Termasuk PPN)

* Termasuk IDNOG - Conference

Security is a broad topic that affects many aspects relating to end-users, applications, and infrastructure. This is a customised workshop for IDNOG focusing on network defense and examining key concepts, protocols, policies, and practices designed to protect infrastructure, data and assets from potential attacks or abuse.

Target Audience
This course is targeted to network managers and operators, engineers and policy makers who are interested in network security and want to gain an understanding of security operations. The topics covered range from basic to intermediate level that aims to educate and challenge participants.

It is assumed that participants have a basic understanding of:

  • network operations, Internet technologies, OSI reference model and TCP/IP
  • Basic command line (CLI) skills

We recommend the following Academy courses be completed before the start of the tutorial:

  • Routing Basics:
  • Linux Virtual Lab:

Other Requirements

  • Participants are advised to bring their own laptop or desktop computers with high-speed internet access and administrative access to system. It is also recommended that computers have Intel i5 or i7 processor, >=8GB of RAM and 30GB of free hard disk space.
  • Software: SSH Client, Telnet Client (PuTTy)
  • Confirm Secure SHell (SSH) is allowed from the office or home network to access the lab infrastructure? Test SSH connectivity, try to connect to For example, from the CLI type: ssh [email protected]
  • Attendees must have an APNIC Academy login account. If you don't have one already, you can create an account for free at
  • Please test the speed of your Internet connection to the servers where the Virtual Machines (VMs) are hosted at the Learn on Demand data centres, using the speed test tool at

Course Outline

  • Intro to Security & Cryptography
  • Device and Infrastructure Security
  • Packet Analysis
  • DDoS attack and countermeasure
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Security Monitoring
  • Log management
  • Pentesting
  • Honeypots

Speaker Information

Job Title / Jabatan :
Senior Network Analyst/Network Operations Trainer

Biography / Riwayat Hidup :
Dave comes to APNIC having worked in the Australian ISP and MSP community for the last 20 years in roles as diverse as carrier transmission networks, to System Administration, to core, edge and customer networks.  Having built a corporate ISP network from the ground up, he comes with an understanding of traps and pitfalls that most networks have, and do experience. 
Presentation Title / Judul Presentasi :
The internet by the Numbers

Presentation Synopsis / Ringkasan Presentasi :
Take a look at the key statistaaround routing, IPv6, RPKI, and Security from the region.