IDNOG - Ruijie Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure - Certified Training by Ruijie
Trainer : Rully Abdillah (Regional Technical Services Engineer at Ruijie Networks Indonesia)
Asrar Ashari (Channel Sales Engineer at Ruijie Networks Indonesia)
Date : July 24 - 26th 2023
Venue : ASTON Kartika Grogol Hotel & Conference Map
Price : Rp 3.000.000,- (VAT Included)

Ruijie Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure - Certified Training

The development of cloud and network infrastructure is set to revolutionize the way businesses and individuals operate and interact with technology. Advancements in cloud computing and networking technologies will pave the way for a highly interconnected and agile digital ecosystem. Cloud infrastructure will become more robust, scalable, and secure, enabling organizations to store, process, and access vast amounts of data seamlessly. Additionally, the emergence of edge computing will bring computation closer to the devices, enabling faster processing and reducing latency. Network infrastructure will evolve to support the growing demand for high-speed connectivity, with the widespread adoption and the development of future wireless technologies.
Ruijie Cloud is a cloud platform developed by Ruijie Networks, offering various features and services for building and managing network infrastructure. Here are some key features of Ruijie Cloud:

  1. Centralized Control Center: Ruijie Cloud provides a centralized control center to manage all network devices. With an intuitive user interface, network administrators can easily configure, monitor, and manage network devices from a central location.
  2. Centralized Network Management: The platform enables centralized network management, allowing users to organize and optimize network settings for connected devices. This simplifies administrative tasks and ensures configuration consistency across the network.
  3. Network Analytics and Monitoring: Ruijie Cloud offers advanced network analytics and monitoring capabilities. Users can view and analyze real-time network data, including traffic, performance, and resource usage. This information can be used to identify network issues, optimize performance, and take necessary actions.
  4. User Access Management: The platform provides flexible user access management. Administrators can define appropriate access rights for individual users or groups, control access to specific network devices and resources, and track and monitor user activities.
  5. Enhanced Security: Ruijie Cloud offers robust security features to protect the network. This includes role-based access control, network attack detection, customizable firewalls, as well as detailed security monitoring and reporting.
  6. With these features, Ruijie Cloud provides a comprehensive solution for building, managing, and optimizing network infrastructure, helping organizations address complex networking challenges and improve network efficiency and performance.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to :
• Understand of Ruijie Product and Technology
• Understand of Ruijie Cloud technology
• Understand L2 and L3 network
• Understand Wireless technology
• Deploy Enterprise network and wireless infrastructure integrated with Ruijie Cloud

Target audience
Technical team who are doing managed service for customer and provide enterprise network solution, Any other technical team with network experience are also welcome to join inorder to enrich their technical knowledge of enterprise network infrastructure and cloud
This workshop is not an introduction. Before participating in this workshop, each participant must have knowledge of the following technologies :
• Understanding the TCP/IP stack and also it’s implementation
• Understanding layer 2 and layer 3 networks
• Understanding wireless fundamental
• Understanding Cloud fundamental
We recommend the following academy courses be learn and completed before the start of the tutorial :
• RCE 
  Install Ruijie Reyee Apps on IoS or Android, Register and login. After that, find the "RCE" menu on the "My" menu.
• RCNA R&S Course & Certification
• RCNA R&S Lab Demo Practice
• RCNA WLAN Principle

Course Outline
Module 1 : RCE Senior-Ruijie & Cloud Technology
• Ruijie Company Intro PPT
• Overview to Cloud Managed RG-CS Switches
• Overview to Cloud Managed RG-AP/AC Wireless
• Ruijie Cloud Technology 
• Ruijie Cloud Features and Configuration
• RGOS Operation
Module 2 : Wired Technology
• Layer 2 Technology ( VLAN, STP, Aggregation, VSU technology )
• Layer 3 & Advance Technology (Static routing, NAT &DHCP, Flow & App Control)
• Wireless Technology ( AP Cloud Managed, PPSK, Captive Portal )
• Ruijie Cloud integration for Ruijie Enterprise (Gateway, Switch, and AP)
Module 3 : Advanced Wireless Technology
• Capwap Protocol Principle
• Fit AP based network and configuration
• Lab for L2 & L3 networking use AC+Fit AP
• Ruijie Cloud integration & Operation for AC Controller




Asrar Ashari
(Channel Sales Engineer at Ruijie Networks Indonesia)

Rully Abdillah
(Regional Technical Services Engineer at Ruijie Networks Indonesia)